About Clinic

We are the team of medical professionals consisting of well qualified and highly experienced team of surgeon, anesthetist and technicians backed by supporting team of clinic managers, front desk executives and marketing professionals. Our clinic is designed as Regain Aesthetic Clinic located at the heart of Kolkata metro city near Ultadanga And adjacent to salt lake with easy accessible transport system from all over city and outside of Kolkata .
we are working in the field of Aesthetic medicines and surgery and specialized in all sorts of hair transplant (FUT, FUE, Combined)etc. Hair transplant is being done on regular basis and we are serving people from all over West Bengal surrounding state like Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and getting the substantial number of patients from overseas countries like US, UK, Gulf Countries, Bangladesh, Nepal etc.
We have the huge database of highly satisfied patients who are a regular visitor of our clinic. Besides hair transplant, we also treat non-surgical hair loss in both males and females by medical treatment and minimally invasive therapies like PRP, LL Leser therapy, most updated Meso therapy, dietary regimen, with triple therapy for hair loss with a highly successful result.
Other than hair treatment we are serving different category of patients of cosmetic surgery like liposuction, abdominoplasties (tummy tuck) operation and other forms of body contouring procedures.
we are also expert in dealing with Nose reshaping surgery to make your nose appealing. Varieties of surgeries of female breasts like reduction and enhancement etc are being done on regular basis.
Other cosmetic surgical procedures like facelift surgeries, birthmarks, moles and skin pigmentation etc are also being done.
Non-surgical aesthetic procedures like Botox, fillers, peeling, laser etc available on demand.
For female hair loss which is specific to a particular cause, besides treating its aetiology. We have different modalities of minimally invasive therapies like advance PRP therapy, low-level laser(LLLT), mesotherapy with the dietary regimen and other therapies also being given to many female patients with diffuse hair loss.