Women Hair Transplant

Although the basic principles remain the same, when performing hair transplant procedures for women, it is important to take their special cases into account.
The stages of hair transplantion for women are;
Women are not required to shave their heads completely before their hair transplant procedure.
First, at the back of the head a small window is created to serve as the harvesting surface; with only this area being shaved. As the existing hair will be concealing the small shaved area, nobody will notice that the patient has undergone the procedure.
After the patient is administered local anesthetics with needle-free and painless jet injectors, the follicular units are then extracted with the aid of a micro motor using thin hollow needles having a diameter of 0.6-0.8 mm.
Next, the hair follicles are transplanted one by one into the incisions within the recipient site that have been created with precise accuracy, considering the natural direction and angle of hair growth.
The transplantation process is conducted by the utilization of smooth and sharp Sapphire blades.
If the hair transplant procedure involves placing the grafts within the existing hair strands, then the transplantation process will be carried out with the DHI technique, using a implanter (choi).
As with all hair transplant treatments, hair transplantation for women should be customized and planned according to individual specifications. For this reason, during your consultation session, with the correct planning carried out by a specialized doctor, it is very possible to grow back the hair that you have once lost. At Regain Aesthetic Clinic, we offer hair transplantation services for women.